Is Biscuit a Junk Food?- 21 Top Points to The Truth

Is biscuit a junk food? Let’s dig into the details. A regular tradition that almost every house follows is to start the day with tea/coffee and biscuits. As a no-fuss breakfast and also as a quick evening supper, a humble drink along with cookies and biscuits is practical. But have you ever wondered how many biscuits you eat? Just would love to surprise you by revealing to you some information about your favourite snack.

Virtual Reality: Stuff you missed out!(The Ultimate Guide.)

In this article you could learn all that has ever been told about  Virtual reality with capsule sized information that you will have the most keen time for. I kept it readable, fun and curious for you. Following are the contents. CONTENTS What Is Virtual Reality? Or What Is The Meaning Of Virtual Reality? Uses/…

The whole journey from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi..

The ultimate guide to Wi-Fi and Li-FI. This article compares Li-Fi and Wi-Fi. it explains the construction , working and the thought process involved in Li- Fi.

Which is the best electric bike?

Ready for a quick surprise ? But before that I would like to remember my childhood friend , the TVS electric scooter. It was one of a kind. I had it when I was studying in 10th grade. It was so cool. I loved to show it off. It was black, soft and had a…

What’s the point of wireless charging?

“wireless charging is overrated” so says critics, but maybe they are right. but i am just curious to know what Nicola Tesla’s wireless charging is all about.