Whole30 hamburger soup: try this delicious diet!

Hamburger vegetable soup is one of the most delicious and nutritious diet. A crockpot hamburger vegetable soup (whole30) will help you lose weight. You may have heard of keto hamburger soup. This is a ground beef soup that you will never forget. Before coming to the recipe of whole30 hamburger soup, let us dive deep into some related thoughts.

Why you drink purified water? First answer to this question may be because the water is purified itself. Secondly, because impurities are not present. If impurities are not present, then we can think of two possibilities. The impurities are once present, then it is removed by purified process. Another case is that the water is extremely pure as it is completely free from impurities initially.

Do you know how delicious is whole30 hamburger soup? But we should define whole30.

When coming to foods, we need to really define what are the impurities present. It may be dust, dirt or any other impure substance from outside. But what about additives or artificial substances? We may not consider it as impurities but it is harmful to health.

Whole foods means plant foods that are completely free from additives or artificial substances and are unprocessed or unrefined (may be processed or refined to a very small extent). Can you give some examples?

Whole grains, tubers, vegetables etc……………………

Again, what is whole30? It is a 30-day diet which is free from sugar, alcohol, soy, legumes, diary and grains. It involves many restrictions that are not sometimes acceptable by some people. When whole 30 is combined with low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb approach, you will surely lose weight.

What about trying a delicious whole30 diet on an awesome morning? Let us make your breakfast look more handsome, valuable and nutritious with this whole 30 hamburger soup.

You know hamburger usually contains beef. Let us look on what are the ingredients of hamburger soup.

            INGREDIENTS                                                                            QUANTITY

Ground beef     1 pound/ 1 lb  
Sweet onion  diced    1
Minced garlic   2 cloves/2-3 tsp
Tomato paste  1-2 tsp    
Potatoes        as needed, not more
Celery        2 large stalks
Carrots  2 large diced     
Bell pepper    
1 diced

Broth     as needed
Seasoning as needed
Tomatoes    as needed
Cubed Yukon gold potatoes          2 no.s
Pureed tomatoes(not tomato puree)     1 can
Homemade bone broth/ low sodium store-brought broth/      
beef broth     
as needed/quart
Dried herbs, salt and pepper       as needed
Bay leaf  1
Chopped green beans (fresh) few cups



  • Dutch oven/ soup pot
  • Blender


You may have heard of tomato puree. But here you should use pureed tomatoes. This is very easy. Just blend a can of diced tomatoes in the blender (30 seconds). You can also go for a can of crushed tomatoes if you are unable to make tomato puree.


Note: refer to the ingredient quantity above         

1) Brown a pound of ground beef in a soup pot/Dutch oven.

2) Then add a diced sweet onion.

3) Sautee (cooking which uses less oil/fat under relatively high heat) until the onion is soft.

4) Add 2-3 tsp of minced garlic.

5) Add few tablespoons of tomato paste. Stir until it is evenly distributed to beef and onion.

6) Add some veggies, especially potatoes (not more), tomatoes. Then add some broth (liquid in which bones, meat, vegetables have been simmered).

7) Then add two large diced carrots and two large stalks of sliced celery.

8) Add also a diced bell pepper and two cubed vukon gold potatoes to the soup pot.

9) Add a can of pureed tomatoes (mentioned in prerequisites above).

10) Add quart amount of beef broth.

11) Then add some dried herbs, salt, pepper and stir well. At the top a bay leaf and stir again.

12) Leave it to simmer for 20 minutes. The process is continued till the veggies become tender.

13) Add a few cups of chopped green beans to finish the soup.

Last but not least, try this diet for 30 days and watch yourself!

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