The world of fiction is made up from the clay of imagination. Those who can actually create their own world of imagination that entertains readers and has a powerful language that can attract readership may become good writers. In the last sentence, it was mentioned: ‘may become’. Nowadays, it is hard for talented writers to make a great following. Let reader’s canvas introduce you a new writer: Swati Jaiswal.

About the author

Writing platform: Wattpad

Username on Wattpad: vagabondwrites

Story: Just The Type

Profile link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/vagabondwrites

Swati Jaiswal is a young writer with a great passion for the art of writing. She has put up two works on wattpad: Just The Type and The Butcher Knife. The Butcher Knife is her first story. As it is written by a new author, it didn’t find much readers as usual. Just The Type is her second story. It is gaining new readers every day. 

Her bio

Hey, I’m Swati and I am NOT an English Major. So when you read my book, remember there could be flaws. I love people who care for each other, so I love me, XD. I might have made an extremely cheesy comment and so, here you are, reading this dump of a bio.
I love coffee, it makes me sleep. Yes, you guessed it right, I am a weirdo. Oh wait! Let me rethink, I am a weirdo, a sleephead, a sucker at writing(maybe). Thank you for reading this, even if it made no sense. My book might make a sense, so read it instead. Love!!

About her works

1) The Butcher Knife

Genre: Paranormal, horror

Tagline: She has a sinister alternate self?

                       Maybe. Maybe not.

Completed parts: 1

Character: Amanda Woodley

Qualities: Simple and fluent language, Good description of objects, places and actions.

Description: She has a sinister alternate self? Or has she not? Who is she really? A knife... Pain... An insatiable loop.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/206581779-the-butcher-knife

2)  Just The Type

Genre: Billionaire romance

Tagline: The story of an ordinary billionaire and an extraordinary girl.

Completed parts: 8

Characters: Prisha, Neil Arora

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/205719966-just-the-type

Qualities: Adorable language and breathtaking description, delivers a clear picture of the characters

Description: He wrenches her near, slamming his lips against hers. He drank on her lips, already intoxicated by them, tasting the drops of water they withheld. He savored it like a man who was starving for water in a desert. Her hand immediately fists a handful of his caramel brown hairs. Their lips moved in accord like nothing existed but the fog in her mind cleared up.
He built those walls around her heart and she was not ready to crush them down. Not yet. Not even if she was falling for this man. For the man that didn't just glint of a beautiful something but also a dangerous nothing.

When Neil Arora, the CEO of an international publishing firm, first saw Prisha, an ordinary college girl with a perfect life and not so perfect boyfriend, he immediately knew, she was going to be more than just one of his hookups.

As fate would have it, Prisha is betrayed by her boyfriend which shatters her faith in love.

What’s a perk for Neil to pursue Prisha, is a fear for Prisha.

When she starts working for him as his personal assistant in a part time paid internship program she finds herself drawn to the rich, ruggedly handsome, bad billionaire; she pushes him away, while this pulls him all the more into her.

This is a story about restoring faith in love.

This is the story of an ordinary billionaire and an extraordinary girl.

Windowshoppi provides all encouragement to this new author and let her use her own world of imagination to entertain us. Please lend your time and attention to her books. If you like it just share it to your family, friends and relatives.

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