Top ten questions on exercises that will boost your physical status

Some questions are harder to answer. Some of them are much harder. If you are able to find incredible answers to these harder and much harder questions, you will be gifted with a third eye of knowledge!

Exercises always make us feel fresh and awesome.

Don’t you read it right? It is a powerful strategy to find instant happiness.

Here we list top ten questions that will definitely boost your physical status and give you a new direction in life.

1. If you had to list 4 exercises everyone should perform daily, which would you list?

Answer:    There is no list that can be compiled better than this:

  • Walking- you don’t need a detailed explanation to this. You do this every day. We can never imagine a life without walking.

But when you walk after reading this article, do this:

Concentrate on every muscle of your body. Examine whether there is any strain on your muscles. If there is no strain, just increase the pace and stretch yourself more when walking.

  • Lunges- it is a type of advanced exercise used by athletes.

Here is the simple way to do it:

Stand straight. Place your legs wide apart. Bent your knees slightly. Now concentrate on both legs. Just move your bent right leg backward without disturbing your left leg. Point the fingers of your hand to your front side.

It is one of the best exercises for strengthening and building your thighs.

  • Push-ups- There is only one exercise in the world with a royal status. If you think of doing an exercise, you think of this.

Push-ups are best for strengthening upper body part. They develop the prominent muscles like triceps and shoulders. There are three types of push-ups depending upon the muscles you want to develop. They are regular, diamond and wide-arm.

This depends upon hand position. The open palms are pressed to the ground during push-ups. If hands are slightly wider than shoulders, it is called regular.

If it is diamond, the hands are placed directly below the chest.

If it is wide-arm, hands are placed far away from the chest. Regular works for both arms and chest, diamond for arms and wide-arm for chest.

First attain a face-down prone position with your palm pressed on the ground. Raise yourself upwards using your arms. Then lower your body by pressing your palms more. Repeat this again and again.

  • Squats- This is for lower body muscles. It is usually done while weightlifting.

This includes lowering your hips and bending your knees. It mainly involves the movement of hips and knees/ lower legs.

This develops thigh and hip muscles. You can consider this exercise as essential/ mandatory for your next exercise plan.

2. What is a simple truth about exercise that most people ignore?

Answer: The simple but crazy truth about exercise most people ignore is that they ignore exercises all the time. Many people run for dieting, considering low-carb and high-protein diet. 

Yes, dieting is an important factor but dieting without exercises is dangerous. There is no quick solution to fitness.

It depends upon your body and your hard work. But if you select exercises brilliantly depending upon the muscles you want to develop, you will attain success in fitness.

So if you see an advertisement of a program which demands quick fitness next time, just ignore it.

Many people think physical body is the main factor in fitness. No, it is absolutely wrong. Most people ignore this fact: physical fitness depends upon your mental fitness.

If you are constantly motivated to do some worthy exercises in your life, you will attain success.

3. What are the best exercises for boosting happiness?

Answer: There are many exercises to increase happiness. Actually, exercises are meant for happiness. There is one powerful exercise to increase happiness: dance!

Have you wondered? Now, this is the question popping in your mind: “ Is dance an exercise?” Exactly, dancing on a regular basis will improve your mental well-being and elevate your mood. It has the power to destroy anxiety and stress.

Serotonin is a magical hormone meant for human contentment and happiness. Dancing activity releases considerable amount of serotonin.

You can discover your bliss through taking yoga.

Hiking or a long walk on footpaths in your countryside can also elevate your serotonin meter.

Playing a team sport with your friends can also trigger the release of serotonin.

4. What is the best exercise to slime down your legs?

Answer: It is a late truth that walking on an incline will develop your legs. It is also a thigh slimming exercise.

Lunges are also a great choice for sliming down your legs. Squats also work well. The steps to do these exercises are mentioned in the question 1.

Are you familiar with cardio? It is the equipment you see in every ad about exercise. It will help to slime down your legs nicely.

5. What are the best exercises to lose belly fat?

Answer: Losing belly fat is all about burning stomach fat drastically. There are many exercises which may help you achieve the goal.

Bicycling is a low impact workout. Do you know what is a low impact workout? The workouts which require you to leave at least one foot off the ground are called low impact workouts. It is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

But, have you heard of bicycle exercise?

It is a better way to burn calories. Lie with your both hands behind your head. You can lie with your lower back pressed on the floor. Bent your legs on knees. Raise your bent legs or your knees upwards. Then try to tighten your abs. Leave your right leg flat on the ground. Twist your left knee towards your right elbow. That means you need to twist opposite knee towards the opposite elbow. Make sure you press your back towards the ground.

Another exercise to lose belly fat is by using cross-trainer or elliptical trainer. It is an exercise machine. Without the risk of causing injuries, elliptical trainer stimulates activities like walking, running, stair climbing etc. The main thing to be noticed here is that the impact injuries are reduced because less excessive pressure is delivered to the joints.

Do you know about an exercise called vertical leg crunch?

Place your hands behind your head. Next decrease the space between your legs by bringing it close. Raise your legs upwards. It should be perpendicular to the ground. Lift your shoulders from the ground. During lifting, try to curl your upper body. Continue this exercise until the shoulders become perpendicular to the ground. Lower your shoulders back to the ground. Repeat this. The above exercise is called vertical leg crunch.

There are some other useful exercises like exercise ball crunch and reverse crunch.

6. How did exercise change your life?

Answer: The first and foremost point is that exercise can make you feel happier. It can elevate your mood because it increases the brain sensitivity for hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine.

It also increases the production of epinephrine, another hormone which can gift you flames of happiness.

 Exercise can make one’s life drastically different by helping them with weight loss. Exercises can burn more calories.

It builds your muscles and develop your bones.

One can also reduce one’s own risk of chronic diseases.

It can help in developing brain health.

All these benefits changes from person to person. If one is suffering from chronic obesity, exercise can help them to lead a better or happier life. In this way one’s life changes drastically.

7. What are some exercises to improve your eyesight?

Answer: Blinking as you all know is a very useful exercise to improve one’s eyesight. Blinking 10-15 times quickly can surely help you.

Zooming is another such exercise for improving eyesight. Zooming is the process of bringing one object closer and closer to one’s eye.

The moving your eyeballs from one direction to another is called shifting.

Make your palms warm by rubbing it and place it closer to your eyes. This is called palming.

8. How do I motivate myself to exercise?

Answer: First of all, make a timetable. Write down exactly when and how you are going to do exercise.

Have a list of exercises you would like to do. Try to do different exercises on each day.

We are demotivated to do exercise because we feel bored after sometime. A brilliant way to tackle this problem is to play a music and keep rolling your task.

Another great idea! Just form a group of friends who want to lose weight or exercise. Do the exercise with them. Just make a goal for everyone to complete. Those who complete the goal will win. If you are doing like this, you compete with everyone. By competing with everyone, you will never feel your exercise boring.

Playing a team sport is also an exercise. You can play a team sport like football with your friends which can help in developing your body and health.

Last but not least, consider exercise as the most important in your life. When you consider it as more important, you start to do it every day. Through this, your life starts to change.

9. What are some mind-blowing facts about exercise, fitness and working out?

Answer: Let us list all facts one by one. It seems there is no need for explanation.

  • The only exercise that involves holding your breath is underwater swimming.
  • The percentage of men who are physically fit is only 13 percent.
  • A person normally walks 70,000 miles on an average in their lifetime.
  • Exercises makes you feel energized because it releases endorphins into the bloodstream.
  • Listening to music can improve your workout performance.
  • If you have more muscle mass, more fat is burned while you are resting.
  • Sweating releases dirt. Acne is caused by clogging of pores. Exercises can release dirt from pores and prevent clogging.
  • Working out grants you good sleep. Exercise help you feel relaxed.
  • Working out can help in production of brain cells that can sharpen your memory. It can also help you in learning.
  • One can prevent signs of ageing by doing exercises.
  • Exercises can help you in boosting your immune system.

There are so many facts like these about exercises. The most important ones are listed above.

10. Can exercises make you taller?

Answer: There is no evidence to support the claim that exercises can make you taller.

Genetics and the diet you take before the age of 18 determines your height.

Growth will take place up to age of 18, in some up to 20. Increase in height happens primarily due to lengthening of your bones.

To increase your height, your growth plate should be open. Hormonal changes cause these growth plates to harden (close) at the end of puberty.

Some exercises/activities like hanging, climbing, swimming etc. may decompress your disc to a very small extent. This may slightly increase your height.

4 Replies to “Top ten questions on exercises that will boost your physical status”

  1. What exercises can I do as I had bypass surgery 12 years ago and second attack 3 months ago followed by angioplasty. I used to talk 5 km or mire per day before second attack but het breathless after 3 km now.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sir, there is no one stop solution just include foods in your diet that may help you in weight loss, walking as much as possible concerning your health(but not much making you tired), meditation also helps. Meditation is more beneficial to mind than body but meditation has many physical benefits too. But it depends on you what you really want(to lose weight or freshness). Mindfulness meditation is best, just try it.


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