Craftam Dropping Smoke Fountain Design Smoke Backflow

People have been burning incense from the 18th century. It provides us with a deeply spiritual ambiance and draws everyone into a meditative trance. Once it is lit, it spreads its smoke all over the room, and brings tranquility back into people’s hearts. This effect is observable, even if you aren’t particularly religious.

It is used these days to bring home an air of spirituality as well as to chase away bad odours from the house. Its fragrance is mild, rarely intoxicating, and produces little to no emission.

Smoke Fountain Dance

To enhance it’s spiritual effect, a visual element has been added into this incense holder to add another dimension of richness to it. We are familiar with how smoke behaves. It is a gas, and tend to dissipate into the atmosphere owing to its low density, giving the effect of a stream of figures that dance along its ascend into the sky and out of visibility.

Smoke always goes up, so to watch it flow in reverse as it makes its way down like it were a waterfall is rather amusing. It reminds us of the mountains, with it’s many streams of water that coalesce into a single point and drift off the end, generating a magnificent display of water gushing into the ocean below; with the ocean in this case being the air itself.

It is mesmerising, and catches our attention with not only its scent, but also its brilliant display of smoke adhering to a given path, until it disappears into the surface beneath it. It is mostly used in a religious setting, but can also be used as a tool for merely its pleasant effects.

Meditating with it is surprisingly beneficial. The scent and vision will guide you deeper as you pay attention to the smoke dropping gently into nothingness.

A powerful yet simple tool.


  • Fairly cheap.
  • Infinite life. Yes, infinite.
  • Has zero moving parts, so it requires zero maintenance for performing its function.
  • Mild and enjoyable fragrance from incense


  • Only the ashes leftover from burning the incense has to be wiped off.
  • Is brittle, so should be handled with care
  • The incense used for this is a little special which is why you ought to buy it from “Craftam“. It’s cone shaped, and designed as such to produce the down-flow effect.

Windowshoppi Rating

Price: 9/10

Utility: 8/10

Reliability: 7/10

Features: 7/10

Overall: 7.75/10

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