Skateboard (Jaspo Ride on Penny Board)

Skateboarding greeted us with its awesomeness in the late 1940s-1950s. It was an idea the surfers at the time had come up with, when they were on dry land. Even though water composes 60% of our body, the rest 40% prefers staying dry. Even if you drink like a fish, that doesn’t mean you can live like one.

So when the surfers got their feet back onto the sandy shores, even though they didn’t want to, they decided to take their passion to the next level. They took their surf boards into a workshop and screwed its ends with wheels, making every surfer’s wet dream come true.

To surf on the ground, riding its flat waves.

Surfs Up! Or Is It Skates Up Now?

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what happened, but no one can argue that skateboarding is simply awesome. Maybe changing the name from “sidewalk surfing” to “skateboarding” didn’t sit well with our fellow surfers, but it all worked out in the end.

Another thing that can’t be argued is how skateboarding is here to stay. Like how the first few fishs called Ichthyostega, after washing ashore onto the beach, went onto evolve into the first human beings, its not going back into the water. Its here to stay, just like us.

Unless you’re a surfer.

And some of our fellow Ichthyostegas descendants, have learned other ways of using this wonderous tool, by performing a number of sweet tricks that rival those performed by their trunks wearing ancestors, surfing the waves. This has paved way for a unique type of entertainment, one that involves a lot of risk, and provides a much-needed adrenaline rush for the children of our time and age.

In other words, they need to get hurt. Pain is good therapy for kids, and will teach them better than a thousand tongue lashings will.

Why splurge on a brand-new bike that will cost you a fortune, when you can buy one of these babies right here? Maybe it won’t be suitable for a 100-mile ride across the desert, but you can always try and prove the naysayers wrong.

Believe it or not, you can make a career out of this. You don’t have to take my word for it, just ask Tony Hawk, owner of Birdhouse.

Photo Credits: K.C. Alfred


  • Colourful design that makes you stand out
  • Many vibrant colours to choose from (Blue/light blue/green/yellow/orange/black)
  • Made out of sturdy plastic
  • Good wheel action and movement
  • Strong enough to handle weights all the way up to 60kg
  • Lightweight design and easy to store

You can check out the price of Skateboard (Jaspo Ride on Penny Board) by clicking here!


  • Can be risky for obese children
  • No safety gear
  • Skidding is possible and can be avoided with practice
  • Taking it to an extreme will put you in danger

Windowshoppi Rating

Price: 8/10

Utility: 8/10

Reliability: 7/10

Features: 6/10

Overall: 7.25/10

Click on image to get a Jaspo Ride on Penny Board

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used in this blog

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