Virtual Reality: Stuff you missed out!(The Ultimate Guide.)

In this article you could learn all that has ever been told about  Virtual reality with capsule sized information that you will have the most keen time for. I kept it readable, fun and curious for you.

Following are the contents.


What Is Virtual Reality? Or What Is The Meaning Of Virtual Reality?

Uses/ Examples Of Virtual Reality

The Birth….

Types Of VR.

Watch Out Before You Buy Vr Headset

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Sshshshhshyuuuuu…….. a bullet just passed by your ears, you ducked in a rage of Adrenalin. You take LASER guns from your suit and shoot at the slimy green alien shooting at you. Immediately after that is done you jump onto a surfboard made of diamond. Then you surf swiftly among the waves of lava , you hit on some yellow coins to gather some points. Boom after a nail-biting 25 seconds you land at the finish line and suddenly your mother pulls the switch.

Hehe 🙂 … sorry about the mother part..! This is VR to you curious buddy. You put on a visor and then you are where you are supposed to be, in the ocean created by dreamers for dreamers.

What is Virtual Reality? Or What is the meaning of virtual reality?

Virtual Reality or VR is all about changing your reality with awesome  computer generated reality. It takes you off your real world and substitutes for you a digital world designed to fool your senses.

The brain perceives you to be somewhere else.

It is an act of mental teleportation. You get to a place mentally and digitally. That is the cool part, you can go anywhere , you name it the ocean?, the Bermuda Triangle?, America?, cyborg world?, Mars? Anywhere it may be, you are there and shooting stars from your hands.

Seriously there is no better entertainment out there.

But it is not only for you entertainers but also for the


 Military – To stimulate different war grounds, enemy targeting and training to attack and conquer),

AirForce – To learn about various flight maneuvers and flying situations management, I bet the government could save millions of dollars by avoiding training errors by pilots.

Mental health– Doctors can heal various psychological problems of mental patients by stimulating various stimulation the patients wish to be in. Doctors can also try to get the fear out of people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sport– Suppose you want to train your batting skills for a cricket game but it is raining outside, you can put on a Visor and hold a wand to enact train virtually. This can be done for any game and it is pretty handy when you can’t afford time and energy for outdoor but you need it badly.

Medical training– This is huge. Suppose you are a medical student training to be a heart surgeon, you need to pluck out a heart form a human and transplant it to another human body. Just imagine the perks of making a mistake. You just can’t make a mistake in such case. Making a mistake is IMPOSSIBLE. So in order to not to make mistakes in reality you need to train repeatedly.

Now we all know that we don’t have too many hearts to be plucked and planted in another human to be trained with , in such case putting an helmet on and virtually transplanting hearts a million times can really come in handy when your medical profession demands to make zero mistakes.

Another interesting miracle is treating people’s mental disorders, for example at King’s College Clinical Research facility, they harness the power of their  Virtual Reality Lab for treating patients suffering from Bipolar Disorder. 

The thing that makes virtual reality effective in such treatments is that people tend to respond realistically to a virtual environment. So if a patient having psychological difficulty in confronting other people, they could be trained by speaking to virtual people step by step.

 Education– This is my personal favorite. Curious buddy just how can you learn about photosynthesis without actually learning how the green leaves use sunlight and CO2 to make energy? How can we learn how rain is formed without seeing and feeling how it actually happens?

VR makes it all possible. Students can from now on (if VR is available)  learn what makes the sun and the solar system, about the vehicles, about global warming, about pants and trees , about how Gandhi did the Dhandhi march in an exciting way.

VR can bring life to history, geography, science and mathematics too.

Engineering becomes engineering only if the students could see what they are going to deal with  in the future rather than mugging up their textbooks.

VR would revolutionize education phenomenally. But it is just a budding technology.

Lets wait and watch..!!

MARKETING Suppose you want to sell a home , and your customer at 200KM away from you needs to see your home. Why don’t you make a 360 degree video of your home and send him? Your customer can get the feel of walking around the house and get the gist of your home.

All the way back in  2017, Adidas partnered with a company named Somewhere Else, (World’s first accredited Leadership Masterclass in Virtual Reality). This was done to get to their customers the feel of a mountain-climbing journey of two extreme athletes sponsored by TERREX (a division of Adidas).

And how in the world can a viewer climb along with them unless Adidas offers them a  360-degree view of the journey?

Viewers viewed the climbers, Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller, literally rock to rock and climbed along with them slipped along with them.

VR is a beauty.

VOLVOREALITY– Volvo came up with an mind blowing way to make the use of Google Cardboard. Since their new Volvo XC 90 Luxury SUV was months away from hitting the showroom, the guys at Volvo wanted to give all of  their so-to-be- customers a virtually real Test Drive. So with 800,000 $ worth of cameras, Volvo ran a massive campaign #volvoreality wherein  the users  immersed themselves in an exhilarating mountain drive all with the magic  of Virtual Reality.

VIRTUAL REALITY COASTER– VR  allows for several extensions of the actual track laid out in front of us and hence the size of the virtual reality track can be made bigger than the actual one. 

This leads to  faster speeds  and taller heights, as these aspects also improve with the increased dimensions. All the more, there is no need to portray the actual track or the rails (which would let out what element comes up next), other than for dramatic reasons.

As the rider is totally engrossed in the virtual world, you can even be tricked by giving clues onto a wrong track direction and for example  have an dragon grabbing you and carrying your cockpit into a different direction (which is the actual direction of the track).

Even the effect of physical rail elements like block brakes can be implemented in the virtual experience for a little bit of drama like crashing through a barrier or a car.

Cool huh…?

But where did Virtual Reality come from?


The birth of VR can be traced back to as far as 1962 where the filmmaker Mort Heilig created the Sensorama that marked the revolution in people’s reality.

So basically you sit on a chair and put your head inside a box, you get to see 3D images  and experience motion. It gives out vibrations.

One of the experiences was driving a motorcycle down a street of Brooklyn, the user could feel the vibrations of the bike and could smell the roads too among the winds that blew his hair.

It was in 1987 – actual term virtual reality was coined. It was the brainchild of the American computer philosopher and computer scientist Jaron Lanier.

VR is now becoming quickly relevant to Gamers, 3D artists, architects and real estate agents, teachers and students and even astronauts

The modern VR was first started in the air by the AirForce, when they created a technology to save millions of dollars  from crashing planes to train pilots.

Types of VR.

There are 2 types- 

1. That lets you insert a Smartphone, like Google VR and Samsung Gear VR.

2. The one which has an entire unit built I, like the Occulus rift or Htc vive.

Both the types have these lenses that focuses on stereoscopic images that is bad for your eyes. Also, they have gyroscope ( and an accelerometer. (Accelerometers in mobile phones are used to detect the various orientations of the phone. The gyroscope helps in adding an additional dimension to the information supplied by the accelerometer by tracking rotations.)

Major players in Virtual Reality include HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR)


Now if you are looking to buy a VR headset , you need to watch for the following points.

  • Convincible: You must even feel the lack of Oxygen on the moon, you must feel the crests on its surface. You must remember to change the gear on your dirt road bike and dirt should actually fall on your face. Only then is it a good VR headset.
  • Relatable: You must be able to relate to whatever is being viewed; it must make sense to you, For example: if you are on the moon and if you look up you must see the stars and the black sky or if you look farther you must see the earth in a distance. The VR must move with you, it must really convert your reality but in a more interactive way.
  • Analyzable: See, a VR should do a better job than what a book does. A book takes you in a linear path  to virtual reality, it just tells you what to think and feel. In contrast to it a VR should be able to make you feel and see what you want to see the  way you want to see it.

    For example, if you are learning about the construction of a car, you must be able to visually lift a car , bring the engine portion of the car upfront , open the hood , take the engine outside and explode the engine to see how the crank shaft works. This is the beauty of VR in contrast to a book, because a book can only tell you how the crankshaft works, nothing more.
  • Consciousness:  To really make you alive in a virtual word, VR needs to make you active physically and mentally. It needs to activate all your sense organs. A picture might give you a glimpse of how it feels while surfing in ocean but if you sit in a VR machine (the one you see in amusement parks and malls) , It can truly help you feel the bump on the waves and the breeze in your hair and the smell of fishes. A true VR machine can make you conscious, but not everyone of us can buy a VR machine right? But the Major players in Virtual Reality like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR)  seems to do a pretty good job.


These glasses give the user to view 3D images which can give an illusion of depth of perception. If the user is using virtual reality for gaming purposes, then they will be able to view a game scene at different angles and walk through or around it.

The technical name for this is Stereoscopy (Technique to create the illusion of depth in an image by enabling reception in the brain of visual stimuli from both eyes in combination for binocular vision )

Although virtual reality had been born years earlier, The required hardware to experience it has evidently been expensive, bulky and power draining.

 Today, mobile VR headsets or glasses, which are basically goggles that will hold a Smartphone, have enabled VR apps to dive into the market. The goal of each type of VR headset is to the user to another dimension making him forget his reality and also forgetting the presence of headset.

Listed below are some of the different types of VR headsets:

  • Oculus Rift – A computer-based system that recreated a genuine taste in VR when the Oculus VR startup released a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Oculus Rift works with the positioning technology that allows the user to  move physically through a virtual 3D space and has extremely good Touch controllers. Read more on Oculus Rift S.
  • Microsoft’s Hololens – An Independent VR headset. The system potrays a three dimensional spatial sound, Wi-Fi, a Kinect-like camera with  120 degree spatial sensing system, a group of gyroscopes, accelerometers and a translucent screen for both eyes.
clcik on HTC VIVE
  • HTC Vive – This famous headset plugs you into a strong gaming PC for its competitive performance. Its Dual base stations allows the user to move in freedom through a 15′ X 15′ space. The system was created jointly with Portal, a game software company.
click on Playstation VR
  • PlayStation VR – This VR works with PlayStation 4 rather than a PC. It delivers challenging games in a very easy to use headset that will not create a hole in your wallet.
click on SAMSUNG Gear VR
    • Samsung Gear VR – It is basically a Smartphone container that taps the phone’s processing power. Gear VR is a  mobile headset that  requires only  a phone and headset to work. Whole together it works with high-end Samsung Galaxy models and was developed in collaboration with the Oculus VR, but in contrast to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR, there are no external sensors or cameras for the Samsung Gear VR.
  • Google Cardboard – It is a cheap Smartphone container made of plain cardboard. There are a plenty of not– so expensive headsets based on the  open source model. Users can either build their own VR heaset from simple, inexpensive components using specifications given by Google, or purchase an already-made one. Users should run Cardboard-compatible applications on their phone, place the phone into the back of the viewer, and enjoy the  content through the lenses.


There are dozens of VR apps that could give an experience of a lifetime please visit here to get a well detailed glimpse into the top 11 Virtual reality apps

However  I would like to put down  few of my favourties.

All through the article I spoke mostly about virtual games but there is more to VR than what meets the eye, some of my friends come up to me fretting about their fear of public speaking, I just wish they knew about the VirtualSpeech app that could create a virtual audience in front of them.

Research Gate: virtual audience

The virtual audience wiil give out realistic mannerisms and expressions that a live audience would give off. This is a great app to let out the fear of public speaking.

I am a adventurer by nature and I wish I was in Sydney or Disneyland or Japan or Malaysia right now. In the real world it is impossible but with Orbulus you can be go for a tour right now in any destination in the world.

Also you if you are a arts and history guy , you could use the Google Arts and Culture app to visit 1200 international museums , galleries etc over 70 countries right from your home in your pajamas.!

I had always wondered about becoming too small to travel around in my body, to visit my kidneys, heart, lungs and also the tiny cells that keep me alive and if you too are crazy like me you must download the Incell VR and go microscopic to see what your cells have to show you.

Credits Google play


The word ‘augment’ means to ‘make (something) greater or better  by adding to something to  it.’

Augmented Reality is also called Mixed Reality because unlike VR it does not alter your reality completely but instead mixes your reality with digital objects which are simply  motion tracked computer generated images.

If you are an Iron Man Fan you would probably have the idea by now, If not ill tell you what it is.

Imagine you have a transparent helmet on your head. You are in your room right now, you stare at the fan right now. Suddenly all the information regarding the fan like the rate of revolution, speed, temperature, power consumed etc comes flashing in front of you.

If you remember Dragon Ball Z, most of the guys had a digital specs on one of his eyes, when he looked at his enemy all details like speed , power, gender, level of danger etc showed up.

The other way of AR is that suppose you put some glasses and if you want a whale to jump from one wall of your room to the other wall you can see it.

This is it, in AR you see virtual reality inside your reality.

The term Augmented reality is attributed to former Boeing researcher Thomas Corder in 1990.

The major differences between VR and AR are

Virtual Reality is engrossing with no real world reactions disturbing the experience, the goal of VR is to make the user feel as if they are in another place in contrast to AR.

AR can alter the user’s environment by bringing 3D images on his table, he could see eagles flying in his room while lying down on his bed. He could bring graphics on his walls and see burning leaves on the trees.

The thing that makes AR and VR really different from any other forms of technology is that it directly affect the user’s perception and processes of the human mind in an obvious way and can provide actual packaged experiences 

So if you had played Pokemon Go or irritated people with Snapchat face filters, you had already used primitive forms of augmented reality.

pokemon go

I’ll let you know in detail about VR games in a later article, but otherwise..

Please let me know what you felt about the article , also please comment the stuff i had missed out, just curious to know more about VR.

How about a quick poll before you leave??

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