Know how to tap your physical and mental health:11 superfood solutions!

The world seems to be crazy sometimes;our life too. During past recent years, world mindset has changed from ‘Money is wealth’ to ‘Health is wealth’. It may be because of increasing premature deaths mainly arising from deadly cancers. The time has come to patiently realize that our abnormal lifestyle is the real cause of these miserable moments.

What will we do if our mobile battery is close to zero? Obviously, we recharge it. But imagine if it had an option to supercharge for 200%. So, if we can supercharge our health, we should surely utilize it.

As I have mentioned earlier, the improper, abnormal and bratty lifestyle is the ultimate reason for contamination of our physical and mental health. This may be like useless, unhealthy foods we eat, awful habits that we adopt etc. But rather than blaming ourselves, let us look at some wonderful solutions. I believe nature has the solution for almost every problems of our life; nature is the real treasure. I am actually referring to some Superfoods that can supercharge your life. I am going to explain about 11 Superfoods that can make you physically and mentally strong.

Wait…the number 11 seems to be a bit odd right?; but, if I am going to be explaining all those, it would be boring for you. So I am changing my mind a bit: I am going to mention only their benefits. Take a moment to guess some of them so that I can make the perfect list! You can skip this section if you want, but can be used as reference.

1) Ashwangandha
Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb which is really gifted with anti-cancer properties and has the auspicious power to reduce blood sugar levels and cortisol levels(stress hormone). It may reduce inflammation,increase muscle mass and strength, reduce stress,anxiety and depression,increase fertility in men etc.

Chlorella is a type of algae that has impressive health benefits. It is a storehouse of many nutrients like protein, vitamin C, Vitamin B12 etc. It helps in improving cholesterol,triggering detoxification process,strengthening immune system,improving respiratory conditions and much more.

3)Moringa/Drumstick tree
Moringa is a nutrient-packed tree that has antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Spirulina is a group of cyanobacteria that has the potential to control cancer, fatigue, high cholesterol,obesity etc.

Mint is a popular herb which is mainly used to treat indigestion and gas. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and help in providing oral health.

Beets are a popular root vegetable contains essential vitamins and minerals. It has a blood pressure lowering effect. It can also improve athletic performance and brain health.

Lemon supports heart health, prevents kidney stones, aids in weight loss, reduce cancer risk and a lot more.

Turmeric contains curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has capability to lower heart disease and prevent cancer.

9)Matcha green tea
Matcha green tea provides clean energy and helps in increasing focus. It burns calories and aids in losing weight.It can make you smarter and improves oral health.

10)Wheat grass
It reduces cholestrol and helps in killing cancer cells. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels and promotes weight loss.

11) Coconut Water
It is a treasure house of potassium which helps in keeping electrolyte balance in our body. It is low in calories which may aid weight loss and contains useful substances like magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, aminoacids etc.

The list seems too lengthy, so I tried to mention only important health benefits. These substances has more health benefits than mentioned. Look the magnitude of treasure nature has kept infront of us!

Imagine if you can get all these superfoods in one superdrink. That means a big treasure packed with several small treasures! You may be surprised if I introduce this magical healthy drink: Organifi!


It is an all-in-one drink which contains all those eleven superfoods. Let us go through its benefits.

1)Improves physical health
Physical health is the primary factor that inspire you to use this drink. It has the power to protect you from deadly and disturbing diseases and recreate smile in you.

2) Increases mental clarity
Concentration in what our younger generation really wants now. This improves focus and boosts your brain power. You can feel incredible energy within you after drinking this.

3)Reduces stress
Stress is the main factor that keeps us from being successful in life and blocks us from moving ahead. This reduces your frustrations and keeps you safe from depression.

4)Detoxify your body and rejuvenates your skin
This juice is effective in removing toxins from the body and repairs your body tissues.
It helps in producing glowing skin and healthier hair.

5)It boosts immunity
This has ultimate potential to keep you safe from diseases and supercharge your immunity.

6)It saves time
Last but not least, it really saves your time. When you are travelling or don’t have time to make juice, take this juice with you.

Now these are important questions for you:

What are you waiting for?

Can you avoid this magical drink?

Grab this juice to unlock the pinnacle potential of your physical and mental health!


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