Why can’t I just THINK STRAIGHT?

Can you guess what can change your life in a drastic manner?

If you guess it right, you are awesome. A path breaking change in your thoughts can land you in an excellent life.This book by Darius Foroux encourages you to think straight without any errors.

Our mind is a warehouse of thoughts.These thoughts continue to multiply minute by minute. It takes away our valuable time in creating and overthinking on these thoughts.
These thoughts may turn into worries and stresses.

The book says 99% of the thoughts are useless.It will consume our valuable time and make us inactive to do any useful work towards success.The book has a deep foundation built in philosophy of pragmatism.There are many opportunities out there.There are many motivational quotes that will keep you in right path.There are many success stories that inspire us.Yet we are unsuccessful.What we lack? It’s action.We have a hundreds of thoughts before trying to concentrate on our work.These will pull us out of our dreams and plans.

This is a powerful quote which is given in the book description:
You have the ability to decide what you think. Or, you can choose NOT to think.
This is what this book is all about.This book gives you the magical ability to control your thoughts and inspires you to devote more time to action.This will improve your life,career, relationships and business.

We all live for a better life,better career, better realtionships and better businesses.The author says:” The mind is the most powerful tool on earth. Change the way you think. And you’ll change your life.”So, we need to control our thoughts.So let us take the help of this life changing book to change our lives drastically.

The customer reviews of this book goes like this:
This is a quick, interesting and very useful read.
This book is useful and you may want to read it more than once!
Old Wine in New Bottle.
This book gives new way to look at our lives,
amazing amazing boom for those who think a lot and for those as well who does not think at all.

Whatever may be the reviews, you must try it because pragmatism is a great thought that we use only a little.This is entirely a different and novel view that is lacking in most of the motivational books.You must focus on your actions, not on your thoughts.This book will be a guide for you to do that.If you believe in the power of this book and keep it’s principles close to your heart, success will be yours.

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