Pears Pure and Gentle Bathing Bar,125g(pack of 5)

Praised for its purity and gentleness, Pears is one of the most trusted brands in the soap industry. Its subtleness makes it unforgettable and its fragrance seduces all the more.

It is recommended by doctors and pediatricians because of its health benefits.


  1. It contains pure glycerin.
  2. It helps you to keep your skin moisturized and look young.
  3. It keeps your skin soft.
  4. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

  5. Glycerine is a viscous liquid which is colourless and odourless. It has a sweet taste and it is non-toxic. It provides 98% pure glycerin to your skin. There are many benefits for using pure glycerin such as smoothening, moisturizing, nourishing, healing and protecting skin. It also maintains water balance and enhances skin appearance.
  6. Glycerine is a humectant, which can attract water from the deep skin layers and from the atmosphere. In this way, this soap keeps your skin moisturized. The moisturization of skin has anti-ageing benefits. When skin becomes dry, low-grade chronic inflammation occurs in the skin which results in the breakdown of collagen and accelerated ageing.But this soap moisturizes and makes you feel young.
  7. As the skin becomes dry, it becomes rough. As the skin becomes rough, it develops tiny cracks. Glycerine flows into the cracks and fills those cracks. The roughness fades and skin becomes smooth and soft.
  8. If a product isn’t likely to cause allergy, it is termed as hypoallergenic. The components of glycerin are not allergenic. It is non-toxic and environment-friendly. A non-comedogenic product reduces blockage of pores. If there are blocked pores, the skin may not expel excess oil which leads to acne. So this soap is the best option to make your skin perfect.


1.A good bathing bar for cold weather
As we said earlier, this soap contains pure glycerine. The glycerine content keeps your skin moisturized. During winter, this will make you feel comfortable.
2.Lovely product… lovely packing… …
Pears is always a trusted brand that many people love. When that brand comes with all those benefits, it becomes more lovable. The packing is done under amazon, there are no words to tell more about that.
3.Best product bad delivery from Amazon.
It is unfortunate to say that a few people had this review. The torn parcel with a hole is a disgrace to this beautiful soap. But Amazon will surely improve these problems. After all, the product is the best.
4.Great discount
The people say that they received the product at Rs 186 instead of Rs 240.The reviews of fairly low price in Rajasthan and good offers makes this product a really affordable one. The opportunity of getting a branded product at an affordable product is to be completely utilized. provides 9/10 for this product.

Buy Pears Pure and Gentle Bathing Bar,125g(pack of 5) at



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