Layasa Men’s Air Series Mesh Running/Gymwear Shoes

Do you want to feel the wind when you are running without bothering about your tiring shoes?There are a lot of sneakers available but choosing the best is a tough task. But don’t worry.
Layasa Men’s Air Series will help you enjoy the air to the max. Read on to discover comfort.

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Layasa is now a burning brand in the field of sneakers. This casual wear will make you look fresh. It is designed beautifully and has sparkling colours.


  • The sole materials are EVA.
  • It has air mix soles.
  • It has lace-up closure.
  • It can be used as sports, running or casual shoes.
  • The material type is mesh

  • EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate. This material is highly elastic but has extreme toughness. It is the best shock absorbing material available now.EVA sole has many uses such as lightweight, water and corrosion resistant, sound insulation quality etc. If you are buying a good shoe, let it be gifted with EVA material.
  • Airmix soles have good strength. They are light and soft. The upper materials in these shoes help in air circulation and this makes running comfortable.
  • There are many types of closures such as laces, cable and reel, velcro etc. Lace-up closure is a popular one. It can fit the shoe to the foot nicely. It makes you feel comfortable.
  • These shoes can be used for jogging. This can be used while playing basketball or any other indoor sport and for outdoor sports to some extent. These can be used in the gym or during any physical exercise. As it is made of EVA material, it is suitable for above casual uses.
  • A mesh is made of connected strands in the form of a web. The mesh is a breathable material. It drags outer air inside and helps in the removal of body heat which makes our feet comfortable. It prevents our feet from getting sweaty.

    The shoe has a neutral grey colour body with light blue accents. The colour code is trendy and awesome. It will add stunning looks to you.

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  • “Heaven on Heels, Just wear to know how it feels(Good fit, comfortable)”
    As we said it is lace-up closure, so one can adjust it according to their size. The air circulation in shoes makes it comfortable. Every sneaker lover should try this product.

“Good Product with Small Price”
This shoe comes with a price of Rs.499.It is a small price compared to similar shoes. As the shoe is decorated with strongest EVA material, the price is really affordable. You should really buy this low priced one because you can get many qualities at a low price.

“The material is not rubberized sole, it is EVA.”
It is a highly durable and great shock absorbing material.No need to worry on getting flattened. These shoes can protect you from getting injuries apart from other similar shoes.

“Fantastic one..!!! very comfortable like a branded one..!”
Why should you go for costly branded ones if you have an innovative low-cost product waiting for you? Why should you give it a try?
You can buy two or even three of this product if you are not going for the branded one. As it has air circulation, EVA material and lace-up closure, it will be one of the most comfortable shoes in the market.

“Good product, but the soul is too hard.”
The finishing of the shoe is not up to mark as given in the photo. But it is good.
The sole may be hard because the EVA material is very tough. But after some time,the problem will fade. According to the pictures uploaded by the customer, the finishing is not as perfect as given in the photo of the product. But finally, the product is good. If you can afford with these two small problems, you can go with the product.


  1. The material of the sole is of high quality.
  2. It is very comfortable and can be used for casual uses like running, gymwear etc.
  3. The sole is hard.
  4. The finishing is not up to the mark.
    Apart from some minor problems, the product is excellent. As a final word, just give it a try! provides 8.5 out of 10 for this product.
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