Katso Men’s Cotton T-Shirt (Pack Of 1) (Katso-Hood-Full)

It is the best T-shirt that can cool your summer. If you are looking for a trendy T-shirt that will make you the coolest guy among your friends, you are in the right place.

Katso is a bestselling clothing brand in Amazon now. This shirt is also a #1 bestseller in the clothing and accessories category.

This T-shirt is a well crafted unique piece of brilliance. It is the most recommended stylish and comfortable casual wear. This is also a hooded T-shirt which will make you look more gorgeous.
There are some highlights of this product given by the manufacturer:

  1. It is made of pure cotton.
  2. It has an attached hoodie.
  3. It has full sleeves and scoops neck.
  4. Good dimensional stability of the fabric.
  5. It is crafted with trendy design.
  6. A convenient size chart.

Let’s find out the science behind these claims.

  1. Pure cotton fabric:
    The main science behind this fabric is that it is manufactured with two layers; a sweat-absorbent layer and a sweat repellent layer. The sweat-absorbent layer lies close to the skin. The sweat droplets pass through this layer and deflected by the next layer. But outside cool air penetrates through these layers and maintains the body temperature.
  2. Attached hoodie:
    This t-shirt comes with an attached hoodie which gives you a unique trendy look. It also protects your head and ears from the dangerous cold during winter days. It also has strings which can be used to adjust its size.
  3. Full sleeves and scoop neck
    Full sleeves protect your arm from cold and can be used as daily and casual wear.
    Scoop neck means a deeply curved neckline on a garment. It gives you a trendy look and keeps your neck comfortable.
  4. Dimensional stability:
    Dimensional stability of fabric is its ability to retain its shape and fit even after multiple washes. This ability also makes it look novel for a long time.
  5. Convenient size chart:
    It is available in sizes: S, M, L, XL. The size chart provided by Katso is very convenient for selecting the best size.
  6. Other claims:
    It is V neck, lightweight and slim fit which makes it comfortable and fashionable. It has been subjected to dimensional stability test and print quality inspection for colours.
  7. Instructions:
    You should wash clothes:
    1) In cold water.
    2) With similar colours.


1)“It fits slim, and okay for under Rs.300/- not more than that.”
As we said earlier the fit type is slim (tighter around your body irrespective of sizes: S, M, L, XL). The slim fit keeps you cool during summers as it is cotton fabric. The price of the T-shirt is really affordable and advantageous (Rs.299-377). If you are okay with the price, you can select this product.

2)“Good quality”
As the material is awesome which is of pure cotton, quality is good.

3)“Bad quality”
According to some customer reviews, stitching is not proper and threads are coming out. As we said earlier it has been subjected to dimensional stability fabric test and print quality test. According to the pictures uploaded by customers, the stitching problem is not severe. These two tests show their washing effectiveness. As we have both reviews regarding good and bad quality, it is your right to make the right decision.

4)“Not as displayed in the picture”
As this is a common negative review for garments, it’s not new for us. According to the pictures uploaded by the users, it is true; it is not displayed as in the picture. But for colours like black, it has brilliant looks. If you are ok with this problem, you can go to the product.

5)“Definitely worth a try”
Yes, that is all it is about, just try using this product as it works very well for some. It has been said by customers that it works very well during summers but not very effective in winters (don’t act as sweaters). But you can use this for informal occasions which gives you trendy cool look among your friends.

Windowshoppi.com provides 8 out of 10 for this product.


  • Affordable price.
  • Slim fit (fashionable and comfortable).
  • Minor stitching problem.
  • Not as displayed in the picture (except for some colours like black, red etc.)

    Buy this product easily here:

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